What happens when you start to get busy and need some administrative help? You hire me for leverage as your transaction coordinator. What happens when your business gets so big that you need full-time assistance? You hire an executive assistant. 


Sounds simple right? But how many of you are afraid to take that step because you're nervous and don't know how you'll find the time to train them? You're too busy and maybe you're not the greatest administratively?


That's where The Ashley Group LLC comes in! A training program designed for Keller Williams Executive Assistants.

We cover the following topics- 

1. Real Estate Basics- Overview of a Real Estate Transaction, Scripts for Phone Calls, Unlicensed Activities, Dealing with Different Personalities, Pre-Qualify Leads

2. MLS Overview- Entering a Listing, Navigating and using the entire site, Listing & Sales Paperwork

3. KW Systems- Overview, KW Command 

4. Transaction Coordination- Checklist, Preparing Documents, Calendar, Follow Up

5. Putting It All Together- Team Specific Info, Time Blocking, Day to Day Activities, Calendar Sharing 


6. Real Estate Terms & Definitions

The cost of the program is $999. If you have more than one admin on your team, the price remains the same. If you have to replace your admin after 90 days and need me to train a new one, the price is discounted to $799. This price includes the training manual and all materials. 

This program is designed for the Admin to take during their first week. Also great for admins that need a refresher and maybe don't know some of the topics listed above.

I know the real estate industry inside and out and what better way to help the top agents than by having someone knowledgable with 14 years of experience that they know and trust, to train their assistant.



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